ABOUT USAsanoha GmbH

Your Trusted Partner in the Hemp Industry.

GET TO KNOW USAsaonoha is a Biochemical Technical Laboratory

We are specialized in the extraction, distillation, and formulation of the highest quality hemp products.

Our owners do have over 10 years of experience and started to work with hemp in a time where others even did not see the potential of this outstanding plant.

We are fully licensed by the government and therefore can offer a wide range of products and services.

As certified BIO company our main business, of course, are BIO products but naturally, for special needs, we also can supply you with NON BIO products.


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–  Full spectrum products
–  THC free products
–  Alcohol Extraction
–  Co² Extraction

– Oils
– Extracts
– Pastes
– Distillates
– Crumbles
– Isolates

– Different THC limits
(according to Federal Laws,
< 0,3, < 0,2, < 0,05, 0)